Call for Institutional Contacts

As you may or may not know, the ISW International Advisory Committee maintains a list of people who act as institutional contacts for us in terms of ensuring that information and details about ISW events and opportunities are forwarded to others in their institutions. Please consider this email an invitation to become an ISW Institutional Contact for your institution.

Our current Contact List consists primarily of contact people within British Columbia, Alberta, & Ontario, and does not include all the institutions in those provinces which offer ISWs. We are looking to broaden the list, both geographically (to all locations world-wide which offer ISWs) and in terms of individual institutions. Those who are/become institutional contact people will occasionally be asked to help us out by forwarding detailed information to everyone in their institutions who might be interested in particular events/information. You would also, on occasion, be the point person for forwarding information from your institution to the Advisory Committee.

If you are interested, please forward your name and contact information to Janice Johnson.