Working Groups

ISW International Advisory Committee Working Groups
Effective: February 2014

We currently have several working groups focusing on different projects for the ISW Network. Working groups are typically led by a member of the volunteer ISW International Advisory Committee. If you’re interested in volunteering to help out with a working group, or would like to know more about the progress of individual projects, please contact the specific working group leaders listed below.

Handbook Revisions (FDW and ISW)

William (Bill) Searle – Lead – FDW Handbook
Joan Patrick – Lead – ISW Handbook


Purpose:  To update the FDW manual, and increase resources for facilitators conducting FDW’s.

Description:  The working group is gathering ideas about how to make the FDW experience even more effective than it already is.  Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of providing more resources for FDW facilitators, so that facilitators have a wider choice of materials to include in any given workshop

How you can help:  If you have materials to share or ideas about how to make the FDW more effective, please contact Bill Searle

ISW Formats – Face-to-face, Blended, Online    

Sylvia Riessner

Purpose:  to collect and share information about online and other offerings of ISWs

Description:  The project has expanded to include an attempt to identify (and depict/describe) different delivery models for the synchronous, face-to-face ISW workshop, international ISWs and ISWs that are delivered in a blended format. A final online ISW category includes workshops that follow the beliefs and objectives of the traditional ISW but are offered fully online.

How you can help: Provide information about the way in which your institution delivers ISWs – what models do you use?  Contact Sylvia

International ISWs

Diane Morrison – Lead
Jill Grose
Roselyn Verwood



Purpose:  to collect, record and share (on the ISW Network website) a listing of international ISWs and FDWs, and to update the world map to show the “reach” of the ISW model.



Description: This project aims to eventually develop a comprehensive database of ISWs and FDWs being offered around the world. The database may hold the name of the country where the ISW model has been introduced as well as information on who introduced it and when.


How you can help: If you know of ISWs being offered in other countries outside of Canada, or if you have  introduced the model to other countries, contact Diane with the information to be added to the list.


Presentation Skills Workshops (PSW)


Kay Weiss – Lead
Cindy Welsh


Purpose:  To explore and re-evaluate institutional use of the PSW model


Description:  As we learn more about how and when PSWs are offered, efforts to update and maintain resource materials, including the handbook will be undertaken.


How you can help:  If your institution uses the PSW model, email Kay with information, schedules, materials, etc.  If you would like to be involved in the updating of resources, please contact Kay with contact information.


Communications/Electronic Presence

Sylvia Riessner –  Lead
Janice Johnson
David Kohler
Patricia McClelland
Jeff Price (tentative)


Purpose:  To renew, update and maintain a revised and current electronic presence for and among members of the ISW Network and others interested in ISW by encouraging collaboration and sharing of ideas, resources and events around the world.

Description: The main platform for ISW’s electronic presence is the website,   It is going through a major update that includes a new look and feel (more visual), more content, easier ways for members to contribute media and resources to share.We have a listserv.  We also have a number of social media nodes (i.e., Wikipedia entry, Facebook page, Ning network site)We are beginning to draft a plan to organize and improve the way we:

  • Communicate what ISW is
  • Provide resources for facilitators
  • Share news, make requests and interact online

How you can help:

  • Contribute images, video clips, suggested activities to make the website or social media areas more active, useful and engaging.
  • Adopt a section/node:  Pick a section of the website or a social media node. Think of what you would like to see there and how to make it interesting and useable. Contact Sylvia and let’s talk about how to make your ideas a reality!
  • Contact us to offer general help.
  • Find other members who can help.

35th Anniversary Celebration

ISW Executive Committee:
Diane Morrison – Lead
Jill Grose
Jan Johnson
Nancy Sly


ISW Spring Institute,Naramata
Leader of the Planning Team: Glynis Wilson Boultbee


Purpose:  To encourage all members of the ISW Network to share our excitement and enthusiasm about ISW in this, its 35th anniversary year


Description:  The Spring Institute in Naramata will celebrate the 35th anniversary of ISW with a special invitation to early ISW pioneers. We expect that the program will focus on revisiting and celebrating our roots, while also looking ahead to the next 35 years.


How you can help:  The Institute Planning Committee will be arranging a display of a variety of artefacts from the early days. We hope to document these artefacts photographically and donate the photographs to the ISW community for the website. If you have artefacts you would like to share, please contact Glynis Wilson Boultbee. (Please note that we will not be displaying photos of individuals on the web without their permission.)