ISW Facilitators and FDW Trainer Registry

We continue to experience increased interest worldwide in Instructional Skills Workshops (ISWs). To help us more effectively respond to this growth, the ISW Network Executive Team has updated the process to enable ISW Facilitators and FDW Trainers to register on our ISW Website.

This is a Registry of ISW Facilitators and FDW Trainers only. Records of ISW participants are kept by local ISW Teams, not on the ISW website.

The new two-part online Facilitator and Trainer Registry process is now in place as described below.

Please Note: If you have previously created an account and completed the survey

If you previously completed the 2-part Registration process (created an Account and completed the Facilitator and Trainer Survey), and if you have been verified as an ISW Facilitator or FDW Trainer during the recent review process, your information will be included on the new Facilitator & Trainer Registry.

In this case, your name, geographical location and affiliation will appear on the ISW Facilitator list (and if a trainer on the FDW Trainer list) on this website.

If you previously registered as an ISW Facilitator (and possibly as an FDW Trainer), but do not find your name on one or both of the new Lists, we likely need more information to verify your previous Registry. Or it is possible you did not provide your consent to be listed on the website. Please contact Diane Morrison if you have questions or need assistance.

If you are an ISW Facilitator or FDW Trainer who hasn’t previously registered on the ISW Website

Step 1: Complete the Request an Account form

Step 2: Complete the ISW Facilitator Registry Form

After you submit the Request an Account Form, you will receive a confirmation email message with a link to the ISW Facilitator and Trainer Registry Forms.

Once you complete and submit the ISW Facilitator Registry Form, it will be reviewed for verification. You will be notified, within a few days, about whether your application is accepted or if we need further information. 

Once we have received and approved your registration form, you will receive directions  on how to access Facilitator Resources on the ISW Website. You will also be able to submit information about ISW related events and activities to the ISW Website.

If you are also an FDW Trainer, you may complete that Registry Form at the same time. However, it will not be reviewed until your ISW Facilitator Registry Form has been verified.

New FDW Trainers since registering as an ISW Facilitator

If you registered earlier as an ISW Facilitator but have since completed the Trainer Development Workshop to become an FDW Trainer, please contact us and request to complete the FDW Trainer Registry Form.

Updating your account details

If you are registered as an ISW Facilitator or FDW Trainer and need to change your affiliation and/or other contact information, please contact us at:

Please be sure to include:  Name, Affiliation (name of your institution/organization or indicate Independent Facilitator), Location (Country, Province/State and City) in your submission. 

Thank you for your patience as we implement our new online ISW Facilitator and FDW Trainer Registry process.

You may contact us at for more information.