Guess who’s coming to the 2015 Spring Institute?

Lianne Fisher, ISW TrainerI interviewed (via Skype) one of the registrants for the 2015 ISW Spring Institute – Lianne Fisher, Educational Developer at Brock University’s Centre for Pedagogical Innovation.

Why are you going to the 2015 Spring Institute this year? What do you value about attending Spring Institutes?


“I love the Spring Institute because, not only does it make me slow down, but I get to be with a group of people, a lovely community where people are really interested in teaching and learning. And not only do I get to reflect, by myself, maybe when I’m travelling, or when I’m there. I also get to reflect with other people. It really gets me out of my own head. And out of that busy mindset where there’s so much to do – so, it’s really important for me to be there.”

But it’s not just all that lovely knowledge that people share; people take it very seriously, but it’s a really light-hearted atmosphere where you can have a lot of fun. And the whole idea that teaching and learning is this fun, challenging endeavour. I think it’s mostly that I get to reflect with other people that are really interested in the same thing that I’m doing. But it is lighthearted and fun. And we get to go to different places.”

Have you been to Nova Scotia or the Tatamagouche Centre before?


“No! I’ve never been to Tatamagouche. I’ve been to Nova Scotia, I’ve been to Antigonish. So I’m really excited. I’ve taken up running in the last few years so I was checking out the trails near the Centre– I’m in for a treat!”

Have you attended other Spring Institutes?


“This will be my second. I went to my first one in Paris Ontario and that was lovely. And then I was going to go to Naramata last year. So one of my big regrets is that I’ll never be part of the ISW history of visiting Naramata.”


If you’d like to share why you’re attending the Spring Institute (or what you value about Spring Institutes, please contact Sylvia Riessner at sylviar at northwestel dot net)