In Memoriam for Cheryl King

February 18, 1950 – March 29, 2017

Cheryl Elizabeth King passed away on March 29, 2017 at the age of 67. She left our ISW community far too soon. As an amazing facilitator Cheryl was a leader in providing ISW’s to the college in Grande Prairie and in many other places. Many of us remember her as she called the circle and brought all of us present in so many of the ISW Spring Institutes. She was an artist, a poet and a wonderfully kind human being.

At the celebration marking her life there was a list of wonderful things about her life. Here are a few: considered farming as a career; was a groom on the horse racing circuit; was a published poet; went to Australia to teach; always had a TicTac available and so much more. We all knew her in her ISW mode of helping, facilitating, leading, being a friend, laughing and believing we all could be artists of our lives. And, our ISW community is poorer for her loss but we will remember her dearly and call her name into the circle when we gather.