In Memory of Devorah Greenberg

Written by Russell Day

Devorah Greenberg passed peacefully on May 29th, 2017, surrounded by family and friends. She was a feisty colleague who challenged all of us, by her example, to strive to be better, honest with ourselves, and truly genuine. Devorah was in the first cohort to complete an ISW at SFU in 1993 and was immediately enthused by the idea that after facilitator training, we could offer the transformative experience for others. She spent countless hours discussing the underlying values guiding our practice, developed ideas that enriched our program, and was always willing to try something new or go somewhere new to train new facilitators. Many in the local and broader ISW community benefited from her passion, her sense of humour, her love of music, and her ability to be fully present. When Parkinson’s robbed her of full mobility, she so loved facilitating and training that she would get out of her power chair, dancing with enthusiasm, and teach us all about being fully alive. Many of us in the community remember her unique perspective on the human condition – and her respect for all was lived fully in everything she did.

We miss Devorah; Sharon, Katy, Brett, Laura, Christine, Kathleen, Russ, et al.