ISW and FDW Trainers

Steve Bennoun Mathematics other
Rosalie Chevalley Mathematics other
Michal Fedeles Education, Health Sciences other
Lev Kiwi Mathematics Switzerland
Keith Harrison Risk management other
Judy Southwell Applied Business Technology, Administrative Assistant Program; Professional Development programming for VIU Teaching and Learning Centre British Columbia
Floyd Curtis Eastern Canada
Dr.Monica sachdeva Commerce&Management Chandigarh,India
David Kohler Mathematics other
Belinda Boyson Business, Organizational Development other
Anabel Wind British Columbia
Anas Eljamal Business, Education, Computers other
Beth Cougler Blom Education British Columbia
Elizabeth Scott Alberta and Saskatchewan
Lori Campbell Education Alberta and Saskatchewan
Margo Burns Eastern Canada
Bonita Eastern Canada
Junqi Shi China
Bella China
Paula Letemplier Instructor Northwest Territories
Nicki Rehn Education Alberta and Saskatchewan
Chunyuan ZHANG Computer Science China
Erica Brimm Jamaica
Lisa Endersby Eastern Canada
Randy Gilbert Education British Columbia
Candace Moody Accounting Alberta and Saskatchewan
Jacqueline Warrell
TE-TIEN TING 1.Center for Teaching and Learning Development, National Taiwan University and 2. Institute of Sociology, Acamedia Sinica Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine Taiwan
Janice Johnson Adult Education Dept., University of the Fraser Valley Adult education, instructor training, facilitation, snow avalanche safety British Columbia
Misty Cozac Alexander College English for Academic Purposes British Columbia
Rebecca Wakelin Algonquin College Education Ontario
Joseph Finckel Asnuntuck Community College Eastern USA
Dr. Meenakshi Negi Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce,GGDSD College, Banur Commerce India
Wendy Aurora College Instructor Northwest Territories
Zoran Jokic AWENS Adult Education Europe
Margan Dawson AWENS Adult Education Eastern Canada
Kenneth Cheng, MEd CTDP CITP BC - The Poverty Game Adult Education, International Trade British Columbia
Julia Strain BC Ambulance Service Education and Paramedicine British Columbia
Sarina Hanschke BC Construction Safety Alliance, LiUNA! Training Plan British Columbia
Donna Carswell BC Government - The Learning Centre Broad range from Kinesiology to Communication to Career Development and Human Resources. Currently focused on Leadership Development and Facilitator Development. British Columbia
Anita Misri BC Public Service British Columbia
Jill Franssen BC Public Service Agency Learning British Columbia
Stoo Sepp BCIT Education, Learning Design British Columbia
Rosario Passos BCIT British Columbia
Aaron Matte BCIT LTC British Columbia
Kim Dunlap BCPSA Learning Consultant Victoria
JIN Xi Beijing Normal University Biology China
Hong Wei Beijing Normal University China
Beili Xiang Beijing Normal University Education China
Paula (Lunn) Greene Beyond Ventures Group Inc. International Trade Training Eastern Canada
Tim Loblaw Bow Valley College Educational Development; Vocational education and training; Lifelong learning Alberta and Saskatchewan
Marjorie Contenti Bow Valley College Faculty Development Alberta and Saskatchewan
Laura Bechard Bow Valley College Accounting, income taxation, business strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, communications (formal teaching experience) Workshop & presentations on teaching and learning, educational technology, personal financial management, bookkeeping, instruction Alberta and Saskatchewan
Pat Pattison British Columbia Institute of Technology Electricity Electronics Human Resources Instructional Skills Cirriculum Development Assessment and Evaluation British Columbia
Loretta Teng British Columbia Institute of Technology British Columbia
Tom Craig Brock University Critical Disability Studies, Communication Eastern Canada
Lianne Fisher Brock University Instructional Development Early Childhood Diversity in the Classroom Developmental Psychology Ontario and Quebec
Jill Grose Brock University Educational development Ontario and Quebec
Matt Clare Brock University Communications Eastern Canada
Stephanie Culp Brock University Classical Studies Eastern Canada
Robert Lovelace Bruce Power electronics computer technology safety other
Maggi Dorsett Butte College Nutrition Western USA
Suzanne Wakim Butte Community College Biology Western USA
Robin Fast Camosun College Community,Family & Child Studies Social Work Adult Education British Columbia
Nancy Sly Camosun College Applied Learning; Faculty Development; Adult Education; Business Communication; British Columbia
Mavis Smith Camosun College Program Review and Renewal; Curriculum Development; English as a Second Language(ESL); English for Academic Purposes(EAP) British Columbia
Kate Landreth Camosun College Masters of Education British Columbia
Jacquie Conway Camosun College Faculty Development British Columbia
Ian Warrender Camosun College Trades and Technology British Columbia
Elizabeth West Camosun College English Language (ELL/EAP/ESL) British Columbia
Dianne Biin Camosun College Indigenous education British Columbia
Nancy Sly Camosun College Applied Learning British Columbia
Bijan Ahmadi Camosun College Economics British Columbia
Emily Grady Canadian Avalanche Association Professional Avalanche Training British Columbia
Laura MacKay Capilano University Psychology British Columbia
Jocelyn Hallman Capilano University British Columbia
Derek Murray Capilano University History British Columbia
Carl Guerriere Capital Community College ESL, English, Spanish Eastern USA
Martha Attridge Bufton Carleton University History Eastern Canada