ISW and FDW Trainers

Dekai Xu Heilongjiang University Linguistics China
DEKAI XU Heilongjiang University Linguistics China
Dekai Xu Heilongjiang University Linguistics China
YUYING TONG Heilongjiang University Psychology China
ZhitaoZhao Heilongjiang University Mathematics China
Mary Saudelli (nee Lovering) Higher colleges of technology English UAE
Maureen Szulczewski Higher Colleges of Technology EFL/ESL/Ethics/Intercultural Intelligence Dubai, UAE
Fauzan Qazi Higher Colleges of Technology Computer Information Science Middle East
Emily Saavedra Higher Colleges of Technology Languages Dubai, UAE
Carmen Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai Men´s Program Chair, English UAE
Silke Mischke IMD other
Alice Cassidy In View Education and Professional Development educational development, zoology, science education British Columbia
Ron Johnson Independant Retired from LTC at BCIT, Consultant British Columbia
Tom Church Independent Instructional Design Eastern Canada
Tereigh Ewert-Bauer Independent Educational Development Specialist: Inclusivity Alberta and Saskatchewan
Sylvia Riessner Independent Teaching With Technologies; Learning Theories; Presentation Skills; Course/Curriculum Design; Open Educational Resources and Open Learning other
Stefan Lazov Independent Sociology Ontario
Sheldon Brown independent adult learning, Organizational Development Eastern Canada
Sameera Bhalla Independent Alberta and Saskatchewan
Paula Beltgens Independent Education / Social Justice British Columbia
Cynthia Welsh independent Facilitator Eastern Canada
Belinda Boyson independent organizational learning and development British Columbia
Pierre Gagnon Independent Aviation and Forestry British Columbia
Paula D Hayden Independent Education Eastern Canada
Seana Jewer Independent Workplace Education Eastern Canada
Leslie Robinson Independent Adult Education British Columbia
Lori Love Independent Eastern Canada
Wanda Harbin Independent Consultant Workplace Education Eastern Canada
Suzan Guest Independent O.D. Consultant/ Organizational Psychologist Leadership, Organization Behavior, Team Building, Change Management, Human Resource Management other
Tim Came Independent/UBC British Columbia
Joseph Alexander Brown Innopolis University Computer Science - Artifical Intelligence Russian Federation
Oksana Zhirosh Innopolis University English language, Teacher training Russia
Stanislav Litvinov Innopolis University Computer Science Russia
Vladimir Ivanov Innopolis University Computer Science Tatarstan, Russia
Vladimir Ivanov Innopolis University Computer Science Tatarstan, Russia
Muhammad Fahim Innopolis University Computer Science
Robin Regular Instructor Business Middle East
Nancy Thompson ISW & FDW certification Adult Education - Workplace Education Atlantic Canada
Diane Morrison ISW Advisory Committee Adult & Higher Education California
Paul Gezhongming isw center of BVTC,CHINA ENGLISH china
Paul Gezhongming isw center of BVTC,CHINA ENGLISH
Brian Newberry Jackson College Instructional Technology and Design Michigan
Mary C. Belknap, Ph.D. Jackson Community College, Jackson MI teacher education, freshman seminar, many, many subjects in preK-12, vocational education, early childhood education Eastern USA
Nora Houlahan JIBC policing, education, medical education, science British Columbia
Jennifer Jasper JIBC Leadership British Columbia
Han Yuzhu Jilin Agricultural University horticulture China
Gaukhar Dyussembayeva Kasipkor Holding/APEC Petrotechnic Oil and Gas field Kazakhstan
Linda Raymond-Hagen Keyano College Alberta and Saskatchewan
Lynn Clarke Keyano College Higher Education Alberta and Saskatchewan
Adam Vincent KPU Arts Lower Mainland
carol hansen KPU Gerontology/Recreation British Columbia
Tally Wade Kwantlen Polytechnic University Public Safety Communications (police, fire ambulance, emergency planning), ISW network British Columbia
Geoff Dean Kwantlen Polytechnic University British Columbia
Colleen McGoff Dean Kwantlen Polytechnic University Speech Communication (Public Speaking, Interpersonal/ Intercultural Communication, Teamwork, Group Processing, Persuasion and Argumentation, Communication Analysis) College Prep English Industrial Communication British Columbia
Alice Macpherson Kwantlen Polytechnic University Education, Leadership, Interpersonal Communications, Collaborative Learning, Mechanical Repair, British Columbia
Candy Ho Kwantlen Polytechnic University British Columbia
Michelle Nakano Kwantlen Polytechnic University Horticulture British Columbia
sandra slade Langara College English, Art History, English as an Additional Language British Columbia
Jessie Smith Langara College Latin American Studies British Columbia
Dolores "Lolita" Gambroudes Langara College British Columbia
Sarah Bowers Langara College Educational Technology, structure of English language, British Columbia
Adrian Lipsett Langara College Continuing Studies British Columbia
Adrian Lipsett Langara College Continuing Studies British Columbia
Trudi Mason Lethbridge College Professional Development Alberta and Saskatchewan
Kris Hodgson Lethbridge College School of Media and Design Alberta and Saskatchewan
Kirsten Fantazir Lethbridge College Education Alberta and Saskatchewan
Jeffrey R. Hamilton Lethbridge College Math, Chemistry, Biology Upgrading Alberta and Saskatchewan
Debbie Baggs Lethbridge College Teaching in Post-secondary disability supports Alberta and Saskatchewan
Sunnye Pruden Lone Star College speech communication other
Ajai Cribbs Lone Star College South USA
Lisa Dickner MacEwan University National Coaching Certification Program - Theory/Competition Program Alberta and Saskatchewan
Dianne Jackson MacEwan University School of Business, Management Studies - supervision - business fieldwork - sales - principles of management Alberta and Saskatchewan
Paul Martin MacEwan University English Alberta and Saskatchewan
Paul Martin MacEwan University English and Faculty Development Alberta and Saskatchewan
Jeddie Russell MAdEd Adult Education Yukon Territory
Kayla O'Quinn Marine Atlantic Workplace Education Eastern Canada
Sharmaine Strickland Marine Atlantic Workplace Education Eastern Canada
Sharmaine Strickalnd Marine Atlantic Workplace Education Eastern Canada