ISW and FDW Trainers

Tracey Penny Marine Atlantic Workplace Education Eastern Canada
Kate Grist Marine Atlantic Workplace Education Eastern Canada
Darren Pike Marine Atlantic Workplace Education Eastern Canada
John Robinson Marine Atlantic Workplace Education Eastern Canada
M. Hennessey Marine Atlantic Workplace Education Eastern Canada
C. Marley Marine Atlantic Workplace Education Eastern Canada
Kayla O'Quinn Marine Atlantic Inc. Workplace Education Eastern Canada
Rebecca Taylor McMaster University Work: Educational Developer; Academic: Oceanography Eastern Canada
Lori Goff McMaster University Biology, Life Sciences, Education Ontario and Quebec
Kris Knorr McMaster University Biology and Education Ontario and Quebec
Erin Aspenlieder McMaster University English and Cultural Studies; Educational Development Eastern Canada
Erin Allard McMaster University Education Eastern Canada
Jennifer McMaster University Science / Education Ontario
Julianne Simpson McMaster University Ontario
Julia Evanovitch McMaster University Human Geography & Education Ontario
Christina Brooks McMaster University Educational Development Eastern Canada
Elliot Storm McMaster University Eastern Canada
Michael Liut McMaster University Computer Science Eastern Canada
Monika Farmer Medicine Hat College Alberta and Saskatchewan
Pia Molina (Maria Pilar Teresa) Bejar Mindscopes Consulting Company Leadership Development British Columbia
Pia Molina (Maria Pilar Teresa) Bejar Mindscopes Consulting Company Learning and Development British Columbia
Naeem Cheema Ministry of Transportation, Ontario Safety League Trucking Institution Eastern Canada
Chen zhongyuan Modern Educatonal Skills Developing and Consulting consultant Beijing, China
Shang-Ching, Lin Nation Taiwan University Biomedical electronics Taiwan
Felix Arokiya Raj National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chennai Educational Technology and Multimedia India
Tzu-hsuan, Huang National Taiwan Universality Taiwan
YunPeng CHIANG National Taiwan University Taiwa
Shu-Hui Kuan National Taiwan University Evolutionary Biology Taiwan
Ju-Chen Chia National Taiwan University Taiwan
Hsin-Yi, Liu National Taiwan University Taiwan
Cheng_En Li National Taiwan University Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Taiwan
shaojing Fu National Univ of Denfense Tech Computer Science China
Hongyi Lu National University of Defense Technology Computer Architecture China
ZHOU Litao National University of Defense Technology Computer Science China
Tun Li National University of Defense Technology Computer Science P.R.China
Kaiyu Cai National University of Defense Technology Computer Network China
Wentao Zhao National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, Hunan Computer Science P.R.China
Susan Lister NewMedia Consulting Services Elearning, Business, Computer Applications, Ed.Technology, Eastern Canada, Middle East, Anywhere
Andrew Mair None Journalism Eastern Canada
Roger Moore NorQuest College Learners with Disabilities Mathematics Sciences First Aid Learning Strategies Outdoor Education Alberta and Saskatchewan
Margaret Wilson NOrQuest College Dental Hygiene Dentistry Faculty Development Alberta and Saskatchewan
Michele Deis NorQuest College Human Resources Alberta and Saskatchewan
Joan Wall NorQuest College Faculty Development Alberta and Saskatchewan
Debbie Baggs NorQuest College Teaching and Learning Alberta and Saskatchewan
Dr. Jeff Kuntz NorQuest College Instructional Leadership Alberta and Saskatchewan
Julianna Phillips NorQuest College Health Alberta and Saskatchewan
Bruce Faunt NorQuest College, Edmonton AB education, educational psychology Alberta and Saskatchewan
MaryAnneChurch Northern College BSc Math MA Leadership Eastern Canada
Lynn Smith Northern College Nursing Eastern Canada
Tracy Dougherty Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology Eastern Canada
Joanne Hagger-Perritt Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology Social Work Northern Ontario Canada
Patricia McClelland Northern Lights College Human Services/ Health / Education British Columbia
Connie Kaweesi Northern Lights College Social Work British Columbia
David Batterham Northern Lights College, BC Mathematics/Career Prep British Columbia
Shannon Newman Northland Pioneer College Developmental Education - Reading, Writing , Mathematics, Study Skills Adult Education - All Subjects Mathematics Western USA
Mona Izumi Northwest Community College mathematics British Columbia
Sharon Gusky Northwestern Connecticut Community College Biology Eastern USA
Tara Jo Holmberg Northwestern Connecticut Community College STEM Eastern USA
Todd M. Bryda Northwestern CT Community College History Eastern USA
Forrest C. Helvie, Ph.D. Norwalk Community College English Eastern USA
Lisa Dresdner Norwalk Community College English -- from Basic Composition to College and Advanced Composition, and including a range of literature courses (Women & Lit, Contemporary Lit, American Lit, Nature in Lit, African-American Lit) and Interdisciplinary Courses (Great Books and The Cr Eastern USA
Wei Ma NPC Ed. Tech. Western USA
Kenneth Thompson NS Sheriff Serives Workplace Education Eastern Canada
Jun Long NUDT Computer Science Asia
Joe Lipsett OCAD University Educational Development Eastern Canada
Jeanette Mcdonald Ontario Ppolice College Education Ontario
Naeem Cheema Ontario Safety League Trucking Institute Eastern Canada
Kim Winger Portage college Faculty Development Northeast Alberta
Joan Portage College Alberta and Saskatchewan
Nadia Portage College Faculty Development Facilitator Alberta
Brian Terence Flanagan Principal- the TrainingWheel M.Ed. in Adult and Higher Education University of Alberta 1994 Specific expertise in competency based learning other
Sandra Bessey Professional Alberta and Saskatchewan
Nicole Bilodeau Province of BC Organizational Development British Columbia
Rosemary Nygard Provincial Health Services Authority Leadership Development British Columbia
Dr Kiran Partap Kashyap Pt. Mohan Lal SD College, Fatehgarh Churian English india
Charlene Fraser Public Safety Communicatons I am the Training Specialist in a 911 call centre. I coordinate the training and teach new Emergency Communications Officers, dispatchers, Emergency Communications Leads and other trainers. We answer emergency and non emergency calls for the City of Calg Alberta and Saskatchewan
Nancy Randall Randall Learning Consultants Inc. Education; HE Teaching & Learnin British Columbia
Serge Gingras Red Deer College French and Spanish Alberta and Saskatchewan
Lillian Nakamura Maguire Retired Adult education other