ISW Facilitator Spring Institute June 2015


Tatamagouche Centre – photo:

June 3-7, 2015 at Tatamagouche Centre in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. We look forward to having you join us as we take our Spring Institute to Nova Scotia!

The ISW Spring Institute offers ISW facilitators and trainers the opportunity to enhance their roles as instructors, facilitators, and instructional leaders. This year we will have a focus on the use of Appreciative Inquiry, and how we can connect this approach to the ISW. Our ISW colleagues Jeanie Cockell and Joan McArthur-Blair will be our guides in our exploration of Appreciative Inquiry, and Glynis Wilson-Boultbee will be our overall Program Coordinator. As in the past, a volunteer planning team will work with Glynis, Jeanie and Joan.

Registrants can expect to:

  • Connect with other ISW facilitators who share interests and passions;
  • Compare notes on ISW practices, approaches, and tools with people from other institutions and with people who use ISW in other settings;
  • Examine how technology can be used to enhance the ISW experience;
  • (Re)examine the principles that underlie ISW, expanding our understanding of what we do and why we do it;
  • Explore new directions in ISW that may expand the possibilities of our practice;
  • Take time to reflect on our roles as teachers, facilitators, and human beings.

New Practitioner Bursary: The ISW Advisory Committee sponsors 5 bursaries for new facilitators who have been involved with ISW for 5 years or less and who have not attended a Spring or Fall Institute before. If you meet these criteria and register your intent to participate by April 6, 2015, you will be entered into a draw for $200 off the registration fee. Applicants will be advised of the status of their application by mid April to facilitate their planning.

Spring Institute accommodation will be available at Tatamagouche Centre on a ‘first registered for the Institute’

Please plan to join us for what promises to be a fun, inspirational and engaging time with friends and colleagues in the ISW circle!

Registration information

For more information on registration, please read the following document: June 2015 ISW Spring Institute Information Document

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We look forward to seeing you at the ISW Spring Institute as we go to Nova Scotia for the first time!