ISW Facilitators

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Roselynn Verwoord Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth British Columbia
Michal Fedeles Consultant British Columbia
Roselynn Verwoord University of British Columbia British Columbia
Paul Martin MacEwan University Alberta and Saskatchewan
Wangshufang Baotou Vocational & Technical College China
Wangshufang China
Wangshufang China
Paul Gezhongming isw center of BVTC,CHINA
Jan McKissick Butte and Shasta Community Colleges Western USA
romy ralph St. John Ambulance British Columbia
Mary Saudelli (nee Lovering) University of the Fraser Valley Canada
Wendy Ellen Burton University of the Fraser Valley British Columbia
Tracy Durksen University of Victoria British Columbia
Sylvia Riessner Independent other
Suzan Guest Independent O.D. Consultant/ Organizational Psychologist other
Susan Byrne University of Brock Ontario and Quebec
Shirley Hall Wilfrid Laurier University Eastern Canada
Sheldon Brown independent Eastern Canada
Sheila McManus University of Lethbridge Alberta and Saskatchewan
Shannon Newman Northland Pioneer College Western USA
Serge Gingras Red Deer College Alberta and Saskatchewan
Samar Mohamed University of Waterloo Eastern Canada
Samantha Pattridge University of the Fraser Valley British Columbia
Rosemary Nygard Provincial Health Services Authority British Columbia
Diane Morrison ISW Advisory Committee British Columbia
Cynthia Welsh independent Eastern Canada
Grace Dyck College of New Caledonia British Columbia
Brian C. Nairn York University Ontario
Alessia Ursella University of Guelph Ontario/Toronto
Jill Esmonde Georgian College Ontario
Jingjing Wuhan Polytechnic University China
Sarah Dadgar Elementary, College Ontario
Nadia Mohamed Ontario
Bea Waterfield Western University Ontario
Laura Dadgar Eastern Canada
michelle Caribbean
Josh Breese Sierra College Western USA
Jason Roberts Sierra College Western USA
Ken Harmel University of the Fraser Valley British Columbia
Randolph Burlton RED Academy Eastern Canada
Ralph de Unamuno Sierra College Western USA
Rebekah Bennetch University of Saskatchewan Alberta and Saskatchewan
Parminder Singh Kang University of Saskatchewan Alberta and Saskatchewan
Chris Hall Sierra College California
Lori Love Independent Eastern Canada
Kimberley Laing Vancouver Community College British Columbia
Ashley Koen Toronto
Laura BC Government British Columbia
Amandah Selvey Algonquin College Eastern Canada
John Wentworth Great Plains College Alberta and Saskatchewan