ISW Facilitators and Trainers Survey

Please complete the survey if you would like your contact information to be listed on the website’s Facilitator and Trainer contact lists.

We continue to experience increased interest worldwide in Instructional Skills Workshops (ISWs), and subsequent growth in the ISW Network. As members of the ISW International Advisory Committee, individuals who want to bring the ISW to their institutions/organizations often contact us. They frequently ask us how to contact ISW Trainers who may be available to lead Facilitator Development Workshops for them. We are also often asked how to contact ISW Facilitators in regions where the ISW is just getting started.

We are working on creating an up-to-date list of trainers and facilitators who are available. If you have not responded to our survey yet, we do not know whether you as trainers or facilitators would be interested in having your names and contact information made available for this purpose.

Many people are asking us for more professional development resources and opportunities for trainers and facilitators, and we are currently working to develop and share these with you.

Consequently, we, the members of the ISW International Advisory Committee, ask for your help in updating our records, with four goals in mind:

  1. To contribute to our knowledge of trainers and facilitators in the ISW Network
  2. To confirm that, given the information provided, persons listed as trainers or facilitators actually are trainers or facilitators
  3. With your permission, to provide a summary of this information on the ISW Network website ( so that persons hoping to set up ISW programs may begin to connect directly with individual trainers or facilitators
  4. To be able to communicate with you directly as facilitators or trainers, to get your feedback on and contributions to various resources for you that we are currently developing.

If you are an ISW Facilitator (who facilitates ISWs), or an ISW Trainer (who leads Facilitator Development Workshops – FDWs), we invite you to spend about 20 minutes responding to our survey. Additional details outlining the permissions process, how we will protect your privacy, and how we intend to use the information you provide are available in the introduction to the survey.

Please feel free to contact me, Diane Morrison, if I can clarify anything.